How to Get the Perfect Supple Lips

The ideal match of lips can truly make your face look brighter, more joyful, and appealing. Be that as it may, to look awesome requires a specific measure of exertion, since the greater part of us are not honored with film star highlights.

This is the reason why we’re including these easy tips to help you primp your lips in a natural, non-cosmetic manner. Take a look.

Simple Tricks to Make Your Lips Look Perfect

Trick # 1
Lips are delicate and the skin on the lips is sensitive. So sensitive that smoking can darken it and the sun can damage it. So, make sure you use a lip balm that has a high SPF, especially if you are a smoker. The sunscreen will reduce the dehydrating impact of the cigarette and protect the lips from the harmful UV rays as well. More so, it will also help avoid discoloration as well.

Trick # 2
Make sure that you exfoliate your lips on a regular basis. Mild scrubbing with a toothbrush in a circular motion will do the trick. It will remove all the dead cells and soften the lips as well. However, always remember to moisturize your lips well after you exfoliate them. Else they will get more dehydrated than before. Weekly exfoliation should be enough, however, the time gap can be flexible as per convenience and requirement.

Trick # 3
Scrubbing the lips, lightly, with rose water and sugar also works well. Not only does it soften the lips but it also gives them a very sweet aftertaste. More so, using this method will avoid any chances of you scratching your lips. Chances of them drying are also relatively less with this method. This method of exfoliation can be used everyday as it uses sugar and rose water which are harmless for the lips.

Trick # 4
Drink plenty of water. The first body part to show the effects of dehydration are your lips. Drinking enough water in the day will make sure that your lips don’t look dry, rough or chapped. More so, every time you feel your lips getting a little dry, drink water. This will moisten them instantly. More so, drinking enough water helps make the skin glow as well, giving your face a healthy and picture-perfect look.

Trick # 5
Always use a lip balm before you put on lipstick. Not only will this make the lipstick look fresh all day, but it will also protect your lips from any chemical damage that the lipstick may cause. Apply a decently thick layer of lip balm as it gets absorbed and makes the lips look fuller. Lip balm is perfect to make sure that the lips look full and the lipstick gets applied better and doesn’t crack in the course of the day.

Trick # 6
Nightly moisturizing is the key to perfect lips. Make sure that you apply a thick layer of lip moisturizer on your lips before you go to bed. The layer should be thick enough so that your lips look white (or the color of the moisturizer). Over the night, your lips will absorb the moisturizer and it will dry out. By morning, you will have soft lips.

Trick # 7
A healthy diet is the easiest way to have perfect healthy lips. Fruits and vegetables will keep your lips gorgeously pink and hydrated.

These natural methods to hydrate and beautify your lips may take some time, so you need to be patient and diligently follow the routines. You are sure to see the results in a few weeks’ time.

Tips to Win Beauty Pageant

images-1With such a variety of excellence events going all round the year, the ability indicate barely amazes the judges any longer. What you, as a contender, need is that exceptional something that you’re OK with, while flaunting your best qualities.

Beauty Pageant – every girl wants to be a winner! But it is very important to stand out from the crowd to catch the judge’s eye – apart from being pretty of course! Along with the usual routines, almost every beauty pageant has something called the Talent routine. Talent routines in beauty pageants give the contestants a chance to exhibit their talents which have possibly not been discovered previously in the pageant. Thinking from the point of view of the contestants though, beauty pageant talent routine is the one chance where you get to be you, get to showcase the best in you, and leave the judges and the audience awestruck. It is the one chance to completely change the outcome of the pageant and turn things over, to make your mark and compel the judges to rethink about their decision! Find out here about different talent ideas to woo the judges and win them over!

7 Unusual Beauty Pageant Talent Ideas
Dance, singing, playing a musical instrument – these are some of the most common beauty pageant talent ideas. But add an interesting twist to these acts, and they could turn the picture over and make it far more interesting than it would have been otherwise. Enlisted and explained below are some unusual, unconventional beauty pageant talent ideas.


Everybody can dance, but only the most sensitive and most expressive of persons can pull off a mime. Miming takes a lot of talent and self control. A well prepared and choreographed mime-act has the power to make even the toughest of persons shed a few tears. A miming act can be a nice change from the typical ballet, classical or street dance performances that most other contestants are bound to put up.
It Showcases: Your sensitive side, your ability to express emotions, how well you can ‘dance with your face’.

Stand-up Comedy

Whoever said humor is a male gene? You can pull it off too! A few of the most essential qualities a stand-up comedian needs to possess are frankness, sportsmanship and a keen observation. Stand-up comedy would be a great way to release the tension in the auditorium and give everybody a breather and a good laugh! Stand-up comedy is not something many girls will attempt, so it is bound to make you stand out.
It Showcases: Your sense of humor, your sporting attitude, your ready wit.

Gymnast or Acrobat

A wonderfully choreographed gymnastic or acrobatic performance could be just the thing to surprise everybody with a pleasant shock! Gymnastics are an absolute treat to watch. I do not know of a person who has seen an acrobatic or gymnastic performance and NOT wished to be able to do at least half the things the acrobat/gymnast does! You are sure to win everyone’s envy – and hearts too.
It Showcases: Your above average motor coordination, your agility, your amazing balancing abilities.


Many can sketch, paint and draw – but how many people you know can draw with a pen/pencil held between their teeth? How many people you know can paint with their toes? How many people you know can make sand come to life and create a masterpiece by just throwing it around? You could be one of them! It sure will take quite a lot of practice and patience, but the rewards are truly satisfying.
It Showcases: Your out-of-the-box thinking, your ability to take something ordinary and make it extra-ordinary.

Music with a Twist

Many may sing, but there will be only a few who can sing a song from a foreign language. There are fewer still, who can whistle an entire song, and there may be fewer still, who can sing a song backwards, pronouncing all the words backwards! Everyone can – or everyone likes to THINK they can sing. But you can add your own unique twist to singing and turn an ordinary vocal performance into an experience.
It Showcases: Your innovative mind, your amazing control over your voice and your vocal skills.

Its Magic!

Magic – something that always manages to bedazzle! With a little bit of practice, you may as well produce a $100 dollar bill from one of the judges hair, or discover a dove under the other judge’s chair! Magic is all about making people believe in something that isn’t really there.
It Showcases: Your beyond average dexterity, your ability to captivate people.


Yes, I borrowed this idea from the movie Miss Congeniality, I admit! But it is seriously cool! Honestly. Besides, it is so important for a girl to be able to defend herself when times call for it. You can be the one to convince all the girls it isn’t so difficult to deal with a 6 feet tall guy, even if you weigh only 100 pounds. Trust me, they are gonna thank you for sharing this information.
It Showcases: Your presence of mind, your strength – emotional, as well as physical, your ability to deal with challenging situations.

You can never get enough ideas and tips about how to compete in a beauty pageant, because no matter how much you prepare, the actual day is bound to make you nervous! But I do hope I have been able to take care of at least a couple of things for you! Beauty pageant talent is one sure shot routine where you can win over the judges. It presents with the perfect opportunity to prove you are not ‘all-style-no-substance’, that you are not just another pretty looking doll! It lets you show everyone that you are bold and beautiful, beauty with brains! Make sure you dazzle the judges with the above ideas. Go girl!

Ways to Organize a Beauty Pageant

Arranging a wonder expo is not an a piece of cake. It takes a ton of arranging and readiness, which begins months ahead of time, to guarantee that the event goes on easily. Thus, in the event that you are arranging one and thinking about how and where to begin, here are a few tips on the same, which are certain to bail you out.

The first thing that you need to do, when organizing a beauty pageant is to decide its venue. A hotel ballroom is the ideal place for a beauty pageant. Although, depending upon your budget, it can also be organized in a community hall, school auditorium or even church! So, depending upon the number of participants that you are expecting as well as the budget, book a venue. Once the venue is booked, you will have the date on which the pageant is to be organized.

Next, decide on the theme for the pageant. If you are organizing it for small girls, choose themes like “princess” or “fairy”, something that you think will appeal to the girls of that age. If it’s for teen girls, choose some fun themes like “retro” or “Hollywood”. Whatever theme that you choose, try to incorporate it in your venue décor. Planning a round, where the contestants walk the ramp dressed in clothes bringing forth this theme is a good idea too!

Look out for sponsors for your event. You can have one main sponsor and a couple of co-sponsors. The co-sponsors can give funds for various sub events, like, Ms. talented, Ms. Perfect ten, Ms. Congeniality, etc. You will definitely need a few sponsors at least to fund for the entire program and also for giving cash prizes and tiaras to the winners.

Decide on the various categories in which the contestants will compete against one another. Usually, most of the beauty pageants have five competitions, namely, the casual wear, the formal wear, the swimsuit round, talent competition and finally, the question-answer session. If you have some good sponsors backing you up, you can keep small contests like “Ms beautiful skin”, “Ms. beautiful smile”, “Ms. beautiful hair”, besides the ones already mentioned in the previous point. After the categories, you need to decide on the rules and regulations which will bind all the participating contestants. The registration fees, the things that are allowed, not allowed, all need to be written down carefully and a draft prepared on the same, which the contestants have to sign.

Judges and Staff
Find some good, impartial judges for the contest. If you can get a local celebrity or someone related to the fashion world in some way, it will lend weight to your event, and thus, will help you get sponsors easily. You would need three or more judges for a beauty pageant. You would also need a host who would compere your show. As a host plays a major part in ensuring that the show turns out interesting, choose one carefully, someone with experience and the required expertise. Besides this, you would need a number of workers, who would help in putting the décor together, manning the registration table, making sure that the contestants are ready on time to go on the stage, for adding and tallying the scores of various contestants and finally, cleaning up after the event is over.

Once the rules and regulations are laid out, start advertising for the pageant. The advertisement should mention the location of the event, date and time, criteria for participation, the various categories, prizes which the winners will get, any celebrity judges that you expect, registration details and the contact information. If it’s a small level, local pageant, you can get some fliers printed and distribute these in your area, including schools, eateries (which you think the possible contestants frequent), neighborhood, etc.

You would need to send a copy of the rules and regulations to all the contestants, sponsors as well as the judges. Send a participation form to the contestants, well in advance, in which they have to list their personal information, such as, age, height, vital stats, weight, contact information and parent’s signature (in case of minors). The form should also have space for contestants to write about their interests and hobbies. This information is usually read out by the host, as the contestants walk on the stage. Based on the information as well as the photographs, which the contestants send, you would need to select the best ones, who would finally participate in the contest. If you are organizing the beauty pageant on a large scale, you would need to call the shortlisted contestants for an interview, before the actual event.

The Actual Event
On the day of the show, see to it that the stage, decorations, a table for the judges, a registration counter and seating arrangement for the audience is in place. If you can get the venue an evening before, it will help you to organize things better. As soon as the contestants are registered, have a staff member direct them to the changing room. Ask another staff member to ensure that the participants are ready to go on the stage, when their names are called. Overlook backstage, registration counter and the staff yourself, so that the show moves forward as planned. After the winners have been declared and the audience leave the venue, ask the staff to do the cleanup job.

With these tips you should have no problem getting started. As good planning is very important when organizing a pageant, see to it that you have each and every detail of the pageant worked out and preferably written down, so that there are no hitches and glitches on the D day!

Tips to Start a Beauty Pageant

Not just will this article let you know how to begin a stunner show, it will likewise let you know a portion of the advantages and disadvantages of beginning one. Perused on to recognize what you have to do before beginning a marvel event, once it has begun, furthermore your obligations after it is over.

Starting any business isn’t easy, and we all know that ‘risk’ is a permanent factor in any business. Keeping these two things in mind, and with a receptive attitude, you can read the rest of the article and know how to start a beauty pageant, either individually or with a group of pageant directors. Beauty pageants involve a lot of glamor and paparazzi. It may seem all good at the start, but to complete this event, it takes much more than just perfect planning. There are many reasons why people start beauty pageants. Sometimes, it is because, long back, they wanted to be a part of one. It may be because they think they can put up a better show than the other beauty pageants. Whatever the reasons are, you know you want to do it, and we shall help you achieve this.

Tips on Starting a Beauty Pageant

The first step is knowing you can’t hold it anywhere in the next 3 months. Yes, experienced pageant directors can achieve this easily, but for someone who is a first timer, it takes a lot of time to understand how exactly things work. Your time is something you will have to compromise on, as this kind of a business can keep you away from home for many nights.

The Start Up
Dedicate two complete days to just list down what you want to do and what you need to do. This will include things like when you want the event to take place and where. The venue will in turn depend on how many contestants are you willing to take in. You have to decide the name of this event and the age group that will be taking part. You will also have to get down to designing the logos and making a website that will offer people all the information about this event. If you have no experience, it is absolutely necessary that you hire a beauty pageant director. While deciding the date, make sure there are no other big events are conflicting with the date or venue.

The Contestants
The contestants are the most important part that you will have to focus on. The ideal number of contestants should be somewhere between 30 – 40. Once you decide the age group you are taking in, you need to target those contestants. Put up fliers and posters at places such as pubs, discos and outside lounges. Also, don’t miss out on colleges. Dance classes, restaurants, cafes and social networking websites, are other places where you can put up notices asking contestants to come and take part in the auditions. (You will also have to decide a time, date and venue for the auditions). Hire the staff required at this stage earlier on, so they can take care of auditions and you can concentrate on other details.

The Sponsorships
Whether you have sufficient capital or not, it is always a good idea to ask for and arrange for sponsorships. A good and famous company tag will assure contestants and the audience the authenticity of this beauty pageant. Sponsorships also reduce the financial load and stress that you will have once the event gradually hits the floor. A good sponsorship will also make sure more people come to audition, and you will get better media coverage. You can arrange for multiple sponsorships if you want, but ideally, the main sponsor slot should be given to only one company, a company that has business relevant to a beauty pageant.

The Coverage
Now comes time for the media coverage. You have to make sure that this event is covered by at least one TV channel and a couple of newspapers. Advertise before the event, stating the date, time and venue of the event, and a little bit more about it. This will make sure you have enough people attending the event. If possible, schedule it on a holiday. Apart from the media coverage, you also need to put brochures, standees and fliers in appropriate places (like those discussed above) in time, to allow people to make their plans accordingly. You have to make sure that the entire city knows about the event well in advance.

The Awards
Knowing how to start a beauty pageant isn’t enough; knowing how to end it well also is. During and after the event, you also need to know about the prizes and awards you need to give away. To decide this, you first need to decide the number of and kind of competitions you would be arranging. Apart from the actual winners, you also need to keep some other small competitions such as ‘Miss Photogenic’ and ‘Miss Best Smile’. You can declare the main prizes beforehand, so that more people take part.

Now that you know how to start a beauty pageant business, it will be much easier for you to start off, as you now have a better understanding of the entire business. These beauty pageant business tips will surely increase your confidence in the entire process. Don’t forget to think of a potential jury and offer them this position well in time, as some of them might even decline. Your jury is the next most important thing after the contestants. Hope you are reason for one of the most memorable events we have seen.